This is just somewhere where I can dump random stuff I've done, including: -- degs
giantblob: protected from the alien wub by a mile of solid rock, the scientists of the deep acoustic research cavern work feverishly to perfect the giantblob apparatus when completed, this apparatus will generate audio systems that will disrupt the cyborg nervous systems of the wub the giant blob likes house music and giantblob does techno music and giant blob has a wub with electronic music in its giantblob because of electronica and the giant blob also four to the floor and shuffle with synthesiser caused digital filter number of oscillator model 909 or 808 beam my arse up beammyarseup beyond lies the wub beyondliesthewub cheese for giant blob daft dunno it costs nothing to smile itcostsnothingtosmile j random or jrandom kissmegoodbye kiss me goodbye october1999 october 1999 themole by giant blob the mole theriffysong the riffy song wehatejudith from giantblob we hate Judith welcometothesystem tune giant blob song welcome to the system mp3 zspace z space  

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